"I dont understand how someone can be so addictive"

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I remember one time i was over my mans house playing 2k and he tried to buck up on his girl to show off and it backfired

Girl: *comes home from work* “bae why u aint clean the kitchen”

Him: *nudges me on the arm* *whispers* “bruh watch this”


Her: *walks into room* excuse me ?

Him: You heard me bitch im the man round here i dont move when u say!  I do it when i want now go make me dinner u disturbing our game

Her: *looks around the room* is this nigga talking to me?


Her: OH? so you tryna show off infront of your friends? nigga you work at McDonalds If i aint make you come live with me you would still be living with your mom you almost 30, tell him who bought that xbox you playing on ?  who bought all them games? u dont even have a car nigga i drive u everywhere … oh u wanna act hard?

Him: aiight bruh u gotta go home image

Her: NOPE! sit your ass down right there i want u to hear this, you tryna buck up ? tell him how u walk around with a pair of my used panties all day and just sniff them all day like a wierdo, and lets not even get started on your weak ass pipe game

HIm: BRUH GO HOMEEE!!! image

Her: why u want  him to go home ? u dont want him to hear about your little dick ass ? 3 inches cant even give good headdd at allllllllll weak ass stroke i be staring at the ceiling counting to 60 three times, u wanna get buck and show off infront of your mans and dem?  why dont you tell your homie whens the last time u lasted longer than 4 minutes in bed?






Her: tell him how i do all your laundry and  how u still leave dookie streaks in all your boxers



Her: so what you bout to do ?

then in a shaky ass voice on the verge of tears he goes

Him: Alright bruh im bout to go ahead and start on this kitchen ill talk to u soon


he aint talk to me for 4 months

Lmfao shit bruh

Fix it Jesus